2018 Bib Assignments

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2017 Marathon Bib Assignments

Everyone loves to know their bib number ahead of time, so here they are!

This year, we have provided bib assignments based on participants' estimated finish time. 

Good Luck to all our runners!!!

Bib Listing By Number (see who you will be running near):

Bib Listing By Last Name (Find yourself quickly):

Registering for the Boston Marathon

Congratulations to all our finishers who qualified for the Boston Marathon.

Because our race is relatively small, it may take a few days for the fine folks at BAA to confirm your results.

Please note the official name for the race is: Run to endMS (There is no space between the end and MS). The location is Cornwall, Ontario. 

The official link for the results is at sportstats:

The official link for our website is

Our official certification from Athletics Canada is here: (our certificate number is ON-2015-047-BDC).

If you are having any difficulty at all, please contact me (Phil Barnes) at




Photos from the Corner of Vincent Massey and Power Dam

Paul Couture has posted some excellent photos from the corner of Vincent Massey and Power Dam. This includes runners from the marathon and half-marathon.

The photos are here:


Marathon Medal Reveal

The medal and bib draw inspiration from the Grand Trunk Railway and Locomotive 1008. The start location for the marathon is Crylser Park and Marina, and the actual start line is right beside the historic train, Locomotive 1008.

The Grand Trunk Railway was North America’s first international railroad. The main line within Canada, from Montreal to Toronto, opened in October 1856. The railway passed right along the marathon route.

The medal features a representation of locomotive 1008 in "full steam ahead mode". When held as a compass (north facing upwards) the two running figures, are shown to be running West to East, which is the point-to-point direction of the marathon course. The fifteen maple leafs at the top of the medal are symbolic in that the inagural marathon will be run on the 15th edition of the Run to endMS, and that there are 15 landmarks along the marathon route (see the bib explanation). 

The race bib is a play on a train ticket. In this case, a one way ticket. The vintage finger is pointing East, the direction of travel. The 15 landmarks along the way are highlighted: Crysler Park and Marina, Upper Canada Village, Upper Canada Bird Sanctuary, Farran Park, Village of Ingleside, Village of Long Sault, The Lost Villages, Guindon Park, Power Dam, Cornwall Canal, Seaway International Bridge, Lamoureux Park, Cornwall Harbour, Cotton Mills District and St. Lawrence College. These spots will be memorable for runners, and help to mentally check-off the miles between the start and finish.

Aultsville Train Station and Locomotive 1008

Credit:  Richard Lee. <>.

Grand Trunk locomotive 1008 is an 8 wheeler 2-6-0 Mogul of the E10a class built in 1930 by the Canadian Locomotive Company (CLC) at Kingston, Ontario. Coach 3474 was retired in August 1957 and was soon after donated to the Ontario St. Lawrence Development Commission. The train stands on a section of the original Grand Trunk Railway track that was left in place at the time of the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway in the 1950s.

The Aultsville Train Station was constructed between 1866 and 1889 for the Grand Trunk Railway Company. Originally located in Aultsville, one of the villages that were lost as a result of the flooding during the creation of the St. Lawrence Seaway, the station was donated to the St. Lawrence Parks Commission and relocated to its present location in the late 1950s.

Credit: Barry Swackhamer. More photos and information <>.

2016 marks the 15th Edition of the Cornwall Run to endMS

2016 marks the 15th Edition of the Cornwall Run to endMS. To celebrate, we are adding a full-marathon to the list of events. The marathon will be a point-to-point race of 42.2km. We are working with an authorized agent of Athletics Canada in order to get the route officially certified. Our intent is to have the marathon course registered as a Boston Qualifier for this upcoming race.

Race date will be Saturday, April 30th, 2016.

More details on the marathon course, the certification process, and the other events will be posted shortly.

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