We sent the 2018 marathon participants a post-race survey. 122 people (60% of the starters) filled out the survey. Here are the questions and answers, with some commentary.

Q1. On a scale of 1 to 10, please rate your satisfaction with this event.

Average score: 9.2  (10 - 46%, 9 - 33%, 8 - 17%  7 - 2%, 5 - 0.2%)

Wow - thank you.

Q2. Would you recommend this event to others?

Yes - 99.2 %
No - 0 %
Unsure - 0.8 %

Q3. How did the race day weather affect your experience?

It was about 8°C with constant rain for the for the first 2 hours of the event this year.

Enhanced the experience: 19%
Negligible: 42 %
Adversely impacted performance a little: 40%
Adversely impacted performance a lot: 3%

Q4. How did you like the Endurance Tap Maple at 32 Km mark?

Loved it: 27%
Liked it: 14%
Indifferent: 2%
Didn't like it: 2%
Really didn't like it: 0%
N/A - Didn't take one: 54%

Q5. To help us inform future runners, in a sentence, how would you describe the marathon course?

  • It's scenic with rolling hills that challenge the legs in the last 15 k or so.
  • Almost flat and scenic
  • Quite and scenic.
  • Great Marathon event. Well planned and well coordinated. Course was exceptional. Excellent Boston Marathon qualifier option. (sorry 3 sentences)
  • The course is mainly flat with a few rolling sections. It runs along scenic water ways and consists of roads, bike paths and through some forested areas. I enjoyed it!
  • It has its challenges. The wet cold start made it difficult on older bones and muscles. The hilly trail section was difficult. Overall i liked this marathon and i would run it again.
  • It was great!
  • The marathon course cuts right through a scenic nature setting for all 42.2 km. Even in bad weather you can't help but look up and really love your surroundings and enjoy your run.
  • Scenic, flatter than average, a few spots have very little fan support.
  • A lonesome but beautiful run along the St Lawrence
  • Your perfect low key, all-inclusive, flat-but-never-dull point-to-point marathon by and on the St.Lawrence Islands.
  • Starts off friendly and fast, then just when you fall in love with it, it smacks you in the face. Very scenic on a clear day.
  • Fairly flat course, with more ups and downs than expected.
  • This is a scenic course with a nice blend of flat, straight, slightly winding and small gentle hills that uses mostly well maintained trails.
  • Beautiful on a sunny day
  • Scenic
  • The course is fast and scenic.
  • Scenic
  • One of the best, most scenic and fastest Marathon race I have ever run.
  • Very scenic
  • Running through the bird sanctuary at sun rise was amazing !
  • What a great scenic course the Cornwall Marathon has along the St Lawrence River, that even looks wonderful when there's rain pouring down, and draws me back often during the year to experience it on my bicycle and in training runs, and to appreciate the wildlife like the arctic swans that I saw there a few years ago and the day-to-day wildlife that I could hear as I ran along during the marathon.
  • I thought the course was great. It was beautiful to run along the water. My only negative feedback was the mud at the start, but I imagine if it didn't rain, it wouldn't have been a problem.
  • It was for me a very good challenge. The course was not that technique, but the constant little up and down makes this course more difficult then I expected.
  • The course had great scenery, was very well marked and challenging enough to ensure you new you were running a marathon.
  • Flat, amazingly charming and beautiful course, but do expect a bit of earth on a rainy day.
  • Scenic, beautiful and relatively flat (some minor hills in the second half of the course)
  • Beautiful - sone gentle rolling hills. Although beware of looooong stretches of open road. (And dead raccoons)
  • Fast but not so flat!
  • Nice scenic marathon course!! Keep some energy for the 25 km to 33rd km steep hills!!
  • A great course. Wonderfully scenic and unlike large city marathons. Great feel to the event.
  • I enjoyed it. A bit of work to do on the gravel sections.
  • It is very scenic. The hills at around km 27 represent a very good challenge. Loved the different sceneries.
  • Hillier than expected
  • flat start, hilly in the middle to 32k relatively flat thereafter
  • Scenicaly beautiful and fun to run a point to point marathon.
  • Its like the state of Ohio. Low going in ,high in the middle and back down again.
  • Though mostly flat, the incline and decline on the trail /pathway hills tend to be steeper than roadway inclines ... I am thinking the wooded area around the 25 k mark. I am not sure knowing about it would make a difference, but It was one aspect I remember fondly.
  • Scenic, if the sun had been out, it would have been beautiful, more difficult in the second half.
  • Beautiful (even in the rain), and spectator friendly.
  • Rain or shine, fantastic views, dynamic terrain and lots of volunteers make a fantastic experience.
  • Besides the puddles a really nice course. Plenty of running space. Hills on the back half were a challenge. Lack of auto traffic was great.
  • Practice little hills lol
  • Small scale beautiful race for a great cause at a reasonable price with everything you'd expect from an international race.
  • Simply great course!!!!
  • Easy and beautiful course.
  • lots of beautiful wooden trails with no cars!
  • Scenic, fast, and very well organized.
  • wildlife beauté mirifique
  • Scenic and fast.
  • A scenic course through a variety of settings (woods, parks, islands, streets) with a few rolling hills in the second half.
  • Enjoyable, scenic course.
  • Although you're in the woods, most (or all) of the course is paved. There's no worry of losing step energy with a soft gravel or dirt path.
  • Point to point course with small rolling hills late in the race mostly on paved paths with a prevailing tail wind.
  • A lonely yet challenging run. Lonely because there are no big you a lot of time to think, challenging because although mostly downhill, the hills sneak in at critical times in the race.
  • Amazing, scenic race along the Saint Lawrence.
  • Mostly flat with a few rolling hills. I would also say it is quite lonely for long stretches of time (especially 10 km on the Long Sault Parkway)
  • I'm sure it's quite beautiful in great weather, but I didn't experience this directly.
  • Flat and beautiful scenery in the first half but beware of rollers in the second half.
  • A great, flat, friendly point to point race, extremely well organized.
  • Scenic
  • Scenic, with some hilly sections
  • Beautiful course! The bike paths and scenery really help you keep your pace in check for the first half of the race, during the last half as you get closer to town the course remains scenic but feels faster - exactly what I want. Marathon runners have the course to themselves for the first 20+ miles, and after that youre greeted by the smiling faves of fellow competitors which forces tou to keep yourself going.
  • It is a fair course with beautiful scenery.
  • A scenic route with a few sneaky inclines. Watch for pedestrians in the final kms.
  • The Cornwall Marathon course has enough variety to keep you interested and to give an honest assessment of your fitness.
  • Beautiful but more hilly than expected in the last section. Finish line needs improvement. Running across the grass and poorly spaced cones in the finish chute didn’t help. Was not sure exactly where to go.
  • Scenic through lots of natural settings: trees, water, Canada geese, etc. Mostly flat but with some minor ups and downs, which kept the running interesting. For the most part I could see a few runners up ahead of me and there were a few runners behind me but there was good spacing between us for most of the route. Even when we met the half marathoners, there was still lots of space for everyone.
  • A flat, scenic and quiet run on mixed terrain (gravel & paved).
  • A quiet, scenic point-to-point that's mostly flat with a few short but noticeable hills.
  • Nice flat then rolling hills , steep short hills and flattens again for a great finish.
  • Some rolling hills in a nature path environment
  • Nice scenery, great point to point with not touch much turns along the water
  • The course is very scenic and a beautiful journey.
  • Beautiful and well organized point to point course.
  • Great course, very flat. It was beautiful which helped to distract from the pain that was the last 10km!
  • Scenic and interesting
  • Beautiful scenic run along the St. Lawrence.
  • Flat to start and finish with rollers between 26-35
  • First half is scenic nature with the beautiful St Lawrence River surrounding me then it comes slightly challenging with gentle rolling hills and entering Cornwall is fun along the waterfront. It beats running a big city marathon with hot pavement and concrete buildings.
  • A picturesque bumpy course!
  • Loved the course,
  • Incredibly beautiful scenic course that is a MUST do race for every runner.
  • Scenic Up and down at the end Challenging legs Quiet
  • Running in the nature. Nice view.
  • Scenic
  • Very pretty course. I love that it is almost all on the trail and the parkway had very little traffic. The hills at the end added a bit of a challenge but not too bad.
  • Scenic, panoramic views and fast!
  • Good but first part very holly and uneven
  • Gorgeous!
  • Scenic with rolling hills.
  • the Course was very nice and flat.
  • My favourite out of ALL the races I’ve ever done-and I’ve done many!! :)
  • A pleseant course with a bit of a bite in the second half.
  • bike path portion between Long Sault and the 30k mark is very long and boring, first 13k is the best part
  • Hard. I felt lonely at times. It was nice to run by the water but between km 11 and 12 the dead fish were smelly... but there is not much the organisation can do about it.
  • i quite enjoyed the course running through the Bird Sanctuary, along the trails and causeways provided a lovely distraction from the distance of 42.2 kms.
  • Scenic route, First half flat with down hills then rolling short inclines for second half.
  • It was a very scenic course with lots of room to run your own race.
  • Awesome. Can’t wait to see it without rain ??
  • Beautiful. I'm sure it is stunning under sunny skies.
  • Who doesn't love running on paths, in nature with birds singing. Absolutely loved the course!
  • The first half was flat, but second half had rolling hills. My team mates who did it last year seemed to say it was a flat race but those rolling hills can be a killer of you are running close to threshold trying to PB. Then again, maybe I just need to train harder since there are no perfect courses.
  • Interesting .. Scenic Water views everywhere, forest trails .. Starts pretty flat... Middle has stretch of rolling hills .. Last 10 km mostly flat with a couple of little hills challenging your tired legs!! Will train more for the rolling hills next time! Beautiful course!!
  • The marathon was great! A little narrow in the beginning with the starting crowd.
  • IT was rolling hills from point to point and very scenic. Must be incredible in the fall
  • Beautiful and fast! Nature lovers like me will just love it!
  • From km 24, expect alot of short steep hills « killing your quands and calfs » :)
  • beautiful safe and enjoyable
  • Generally flat with a few hills. Very nice to be away from traffic for the substantial portions of the course.
  • The back half was a little hillier than I had anticipated.
  • Challenging yet lots of chances to catch your breath and get your legs back into gear.
  • This is a very scenic course with so much to see it makes the time fly by.

Q6. Our volunteers make or break this event. Please use this space to provide specific feedback. We would like to share it with them.

  • I found the volunteers to be friendly and helpful.
  • Great volunteers! So many water stations & volunteers at each one were cheering despite the weather!
  • Nothing to complain about. They were very good.
  • Many of your volunteers stood in the pouring rain so that we could enjoy our event. The running kept us warm. It could not have been easy for them. Yet they were always there for us, smiling, helpful. They are the heroes of the day!
  • Love the volunteers. So heart warming to see people take the time to stand in the rain, cheer us on, help-out and just be present.
  • The volunteers were excellent -- since it's a smaller race, I really appreciated their encouragement!
  • They were great at water stations and checkin!
  • Thank you to all of the volunteers!!!
  • Awesome !
  • Every volunteer I encountered was so helpful and cheerful even in the weather they had to stand in. Great spirit.
  • Big thank you to the amazing volunteers who stood in the rainy cold weather for us. highly appreciate their time and effort. volunteers are what make these events. thanks again for suffering along with us hahah
  • The volunteers were amazing - friendly and super supportive.
  • They were all great
  • they were great. What a wonderful group to be so suportive, even in terrible weather (for them). 
  • Volunteers were all enthusiastic to help out. They were in good spirits despite standing in the pouring rain waiting to serve up the runners. The community is full of spirit and I enjoyed the encouragement and cheer.
  • They were all amazing! Encouraging, smiling, standing out in the rain for us. Nothing but gratitude for each and every one :)
  • The volunteers were absolutely AMAZING! They toughed it out in the worst of weather and did everything in their power to make it an exceptional race. For example, I missed a water hand off when I really needed it late in the race (35 Kms) and a volunteer ran up to me to deliver a cup...personalized service WOW! The Cornwall Run to EndMS volunteers went above and beyond the call of duty. THANK YOU to each and every one of the volunteers we couldn’t have managed without you.
  • Thanks to them. They were perfect!
  • They were good.
  • Awesome!
  • The volunteers were wonderful, helpful and friendly, could not ask for better. Thank you volunteers.
  • Thank you to all volunteers, they were AMAZING!
  • Excellent volunteers!
  • Great bunch of really encouraging volunteers
  • Fabulous!!
  • Perfect ????
  • Great volunteers!! Very uplifting regardless of the fact that THEY had to hang out in the crappy weather! :)
  • Appreciated every single one of them. Thanks to those who suffered through the rain with us and to all those behind the scenes making sure we have everything we need.
  • The volunteers were great.
  • They were really awesome. I enjoyed that the gels were given a little bit before the water.
  • The volunteers were amazing, always smiling and providing help...just perfect. Thank you
  • Huge thank you!
  • The volunteers did a great job. Overall it was a well organized race. You can’t control the weather.
  • Your volunteers are amazing. Running in the rain sucks but standing in the rain waiting for crazy people to run by is so much worse. Thank you to everyone who made it out even though the weather was awful
  • The bestest!!
  • I thanked the volunteers at every station. They were awesome. Loved the music at some and the kilts at another
  • So thankful for the support of ALL the volunteers along the entire course! Really impressed! Thank you so much for your time and for your encouragement!
  • They definitely make the event! They very clearly yelled out if they had water or Gatorade, and also cheered us on as we passed. They all seemed very happy to be there despite having to stand in the pouring rain for hours.
  • Awesome!! Wonderful enthusiasm and cheering!!
  • The volunteers were great ready to hand whatever was needed to the runners.
  • They were so supportive and encouraging
  • Huge thanks to them all!!
  • Thank you for being there in this weather. Alot worse for the volunteers then for the runners.
  • You're volunteers were amazing! They were all so encouraging. I was truly blown away by this event.
  • They were all amazing! Thank you so much for standing out there in awful weather to support us!
  • Fabulous and much appreciated! Their smiles and enduring words of encouragement. Loved every one of them :)
  • I thought the volunteers did a great job!
  • Really appreciate the encouragement they gave us.
  • Make this event. Volonteers were great and friendly!
  • Amazing people they stayed out there in the rain and for me totally made this event!
  • The volunteers were great. All did an amazing job in spite of the poor weather.
  • The volunteers were excellent in all areas of the race (aid stations, kit pickup, bus driver, marshals). Well done and thank you to all the volunteers!
  • They were all amazing!! Outstanding job.
  • Volunteers were very energized and organized at the aid startion. Great job!
  • The volunteers in Cornwall are always great. This year they stood out in some pretty harsh conditions and where really supportive to the race and cheered us on despite the cold rain. People like that make it possible for runners like me to achieve our goals. So much of my success this eyar is owed to the incredible selflessness of all the volonteers.
  • great job done by all, even with cold.and rain
  • They were fantastic! Not only were there ample volunteers to support the runners but they were all very friendly and helpful. A+. Couldn't do it without you guys!
  • Volunteers. You were amazing. That`s for being the key to generating all this MS money!
  • Great volunteers
  • Generally very helpful. Appreciate they came out in such weather.
  • Can't thank you enough for your generosity and support. You make the day and I am grateful you shared your time to help out.
  • Efficient and enthusiastic
  • Amazing crew! Thank you all!!!
  • Volunteers were excellent. There were plenty of them at all the right places. The weather did not dampen their enthusiasm. Good job volunteers :-) Thank you.
  • Thank you to be there in the rain with a smile!
  • I would like to give a big thank you to all of the awesome volunteers. They all really made the difference to help the marathon runners make it to the finish line and beyond through there hard work, encouragement and for braving the tough weather conditions.
  • Just like the runners, the volunteers did not expect such bad weather but they did a fantastic job before, after and during the race.
  • You guys where amazing, everybody was smiling, nice and devoted ! Your time is priceless and we should feel spoiled that you gave it to us ! Thank you so much!
  • wow! The volunteers helped me keep the bonk away until after the finish line! Lots of GU and Gatorade. I even had a few surges in the 1st half shortly after I swallowed some GU!
  • Volunteers were amazing. Very positive experience overall.
  • Volenteers wehre really great. I was really impressed with the organisation if this event and the great support from the volonters.
  • They were great. It could not have been fun to be in the rain and cold for hours. Well done to all.
  • Amazing volunteer support and encouragement all throughout the race, cannot ask for more.
  • The volunteers were amazing!! They really helped me out when I was struggling at the 30km with encouraging words and cheers!!!
  • They were all phenomenal. Particularly loved the signs at the 21.1 timing mat (marathon route).
  • Amazing support from all the very enthusiastic volunteers!
  • Thanks for making this a great event!!
  • Your volunteers were simply AMAZING. They were always helpful, cheerful and a welcomed site at those aid stations. Well done!
  • Fantastic energy. Thank you.
  • They were great! They were pleasant, cheerful, supportive and helpful. Thanked many but please extend my sincere thanks to all of them.
  • The volunteers were amazing. Thank you thank you thank you
  • Excellent job! On the stations where there are 2 way traffic, it would be good to have the same arrangement of water first and Gatoraid second. I know this might mean more people but if possible it is less confusing for the runners
  • Volunteers were great; they also had to deal with the weather. Thank you all.
  • They had the toughest job. Thanks to all of them for being there. Their presence allows me to participate.
  • Communications prior to the race were informative and told me what I needed to know. I did a Jacket drop and it was in the Gymnasium as promised when I completed the race.. thanks!
  • They were wonderful, enthusiastic.
  • Thank you so much to the volunteers.It was a bad raining day!
  • Volunteers were fantastic. Always knew where gatorate/water were. Appreciate them being out in the weather and cheering for us as we came through!
  • Volunteers are da bomb!
  • Amazing massage at the finish
  • They were absolutely fantastic and could not of done it with out them. Thank you very much
  • Well done to all! Volunteers were cheerful even under the rain. They made it a great day. Thank you!
  • If I have as much love to share with all volunteers as they had shared with us runners, I'd give it all to them without a blink! They are simply amazing!!!!
  • Nothing to say, they were great!
  • Volunteers at the start line were awesome. A lady at the registration tent gave me a clear blue garbage bag at the start line. It kept so dry and warm; it worked out so well that I kept it on for the entire marathon! Many of the people manning the aid stations were great and cheered us on - special shout out to the aid station at the 21km. You guys rocked!
  • The volunteers were excellent.
  • Thank yous so much for all your efforts and for coming merci beaucoup! c'était un moment inoubliable pour moi, vous êtes extraordinaires!
  • They were great. A good mix of youth and experience. It was nice to see school aged children out helping their community. They were all very polite, funny and supportive. We did not miss anything at any station.
  • All of the volunteers from kit pickup to transportation to on course support to finish support were great. Logistics and instructions were clearly communicated and having people cheering runners on every few kilometres was fantastic
  • Just superb!
  • Having so many aid stations, and all of them full of volunteers! Amazing. At the 21.1km strawberry gel station, I went to grab a gel but the guy didn't realize I wanted it. He was holding it so tightly that I couldn't grab it. I just kept running, and about 200m later, the guy had caught up to me - sprinting to get me the gel. That was utterly amazing that this guy did that. Please thank him for me!
  • Aid station volunteers were great, encouraging, and handed out drinks in an organized manner.
  • excellent all the way around...good work
  • Amazing volunteers, very impressed.
  • They were all amazing especially those that had to brave the wet cold weather standing at the water stations. I can't really think of anything negative.
  • Given the conditions out there, they all deserve a medal.
  • They were awesome - one girl at a waterstation ran a Gatorade to me when I missed it. Never had that happen in 30+ marathons!
  • They were awesome
  • Volunteers were amazing, great encouragement, made every aid station something to look forward to.
  • They were awesome!!!!
  • Everything was generally great. Well done.

Q7. Let us have it! We want to learn from our mistakes. What would you have liked we do differently? Where can we improve?

I've broken down the comments into similar themes.

Porta Potties

  • More ports potties. Their rest was great. Good job! I will recommend this race no question.
  • More porta potties along the course
  • More porta potty’s along the course and better marking of the route.
  • More toilets on the route, should be one at every water station. I ran from 16k to 30k looking for one. 
  • More portapotties (but luckily the course allows for plenty of opportunities to “squat”) lol 
  • need more bathrooms on the course
  • I thought a potty around the 21km mark would have been good. I was experiencing GI issues, so it seemed that there were not too many along the way. 
  • More porta potties on course. I had to use the bushes. :o(
  • Moving the first on-course washrooms closer to the start (I think they were around 8k in) would be nice. Everything else was great.
  • More porty potties at the start line and give the option to have time written on our medals

I think we're getting better with regards to porta-potties. We avoided the start-line rush that we had last year. There were porta-potties at 8, 14, 24, 30, 35 and 39K locations. I think some were probably not obvious and were missed by some runners. We will work on this.


  • This was my first time running this race. The first part of the course was well signed and easy to follow. There were many spots later in the race where I would have appreciated signage, or a volunteer pointing the direction. The race had really thinned out at that point, and for the most part I did not have any runners visible ahead of me, so to be honest some of the time I was just guessing the route and hoping that I was still on course. That is not a good way to run a marathon. My husband, who ran the marathon last year, was on course cheering me on, and he says that at one point he was redirecting runners who had made a wrong turn. At another point, he stood at the turn and pointed out the right direction. He was happy to help out, but signage, or a cone or a dedicated volunteer might be a better option.
  • I would have appreciated an extra sign on course near the Ingleside roundabouts, where the path turned to gravel (but otherwise it was very well marked).
  • A little more course signage needed. Some sections going from trail to road etc were a bit confusing. The final 2-300m was tough, shaky bridge, up and down across the grass - maybe it could be a little more smooth and straight forward? Just suggestions not really concerns. Open up the number of marathon runners. I think you can handle bigger numbers :)
  • Only one area had poor signage-near the marina? Right when we ran into Cornwall.. sorry, don’t remember specifics .. maybe around 20k-ish? Anyways, we just weren’t sure which way to go ... there was construction on the road etc.. no biggie as I wasn’t going for time ..
  • More marks/signage for the course. 
  • I was a tad confused at the very end as to where to go. Around to the left, or cut across the grass. I guess after 42.2km, I need extra guidance :)
  • Some of the road crossings and intersections were left unattended. This made is unsafe and I had a car drive in front of me and intentionally block the run while trying to make a turn that he obviously couldn't make.
  • There were a few sections of the course that were not well marked. At two aid stations (I can't remember which ones) I was running straight through, and multiple volunteers had to point me to the right to ensure I stayed on course. Also, after we exited the Long Sault Parkway there was a stretch where we ran on a sidewalk/shoulder of the road before we met back up with the path. I was running alone and there were no volunteers or signs. I had a moment of panic thinking that I had gone off course. Those little white and red sings would have been very helpful! - The last part that was hard to navigate was right near the finish as you came onto campus and into the parking lot. not well marked and I wasn't entirely sure where to go. it's really hard to try to figure it out at km 42. It should be very obvious where you're supposed to be going, especially at that point of the race
  • The course path could have been marked better.
  • A couple of suggestions would be to have more volunteers direction some of the courses tricky sections that were not well marked.
  • A couple of places the course should have been marked better - almost went off course at I think the 24 km mark. 
  • There was only one part of the marathon course where I wasn't sure which way to go. Sorry, but I was in no sane headspace to remember where. But there was someone there (a volunteer or a supporter) who helped point me in the right direction. This is minor minor minor!!
  • only constructive feed back would be to have markings at turning points. There was a point in the first 21km where i could of turned right or left and there was no sign. I just followed another runner and hoped for the best. Maybe someone removed the turn right MS sign?
  • I found everything well organized, there were a couple of turns in the last 2kms that could have benefited from a volunter or sign indicating a turn. Especially since a lot of runners are tired and not necessarly focusing well at 40km.
  • A few more signs before trail intersections so runners know they are going the right direction without having to think too much.

We certainly could have done a better job at the gravel section under construction near the marina at the end of Long Sault parkway (~25K). And it looks like a few more arrows could help along the pathway.

Drop Bags

  • Such a minor thing ......picking up the drop off bag would have been easier if the bags were organized according to numbers. But there was a young girl (volunteer) there and she was very helpful. Oh, and maybe soap near the port-a-potties...again, a very minor detail.
  • Difficult to find bag at bag drop 
  • Put the personal bag in alphabetical order in the gymnasium.
  • Just the pick up of the clothes after the race, it would help if the labels were bigger to see the name and bib number.
  • Bag check seemed a bit unorganized, growing pains.
  • I was able to find my drop bag at the finish but I can see how some better signage would help. 
  • I think the bag drop could have been better. Due to the rain and the boxes at the start line not being covered, a lot of names were missing on the bags making it hard to fine them at the finish. I would suggest adding a bib name and number to the bottom of the bib that doesn’t wash away when wet. Also would secure the bag drop of better to prevent people from taking the wrong bag at the finish.
  • I know you gave great detail, but when I was running could not remember the personal item drop locations... Perhaps a sign a runner can see upon approach, personal drop location?
  • Lost an item I left for pick up. But nothing 's perfect. Overall greatly organized.
  • The baggage drop at the start could have been better organized. The bags should not have been wet, which resulted with tons of bags at the finish with no stickers. It took me a very long time to find my bag. Also, you should have a big tent at the start where runners can stand and wait for the race in case of rain, like this year.
  • I guess clearer explanation for dropping off unwanted clothes at the start.

Yes, we will do better here. We already have an improved strategy for next year on this: better bags, better stickers, designated volunteers at the gym.


  • You could make sure it doesn't rain on us next time? Kidding! 
  • Pot holes full of water on dirt road.. required lots of side stepping to avoid injury .. and soaker ...I don’t think with all that rain ... it could have been avoided!
  • Can you change the weather? have run in early May...still no guarantees on weather.
  • The only problem was the weather, which is beyond anyone's control.
  • Less rain ;-) ... besides that, nothing. 
  • Very little negative comment. You can’t do much about the weather but your venue at the College sure helped warm us up. Thank you!

Oh boy. It was epic, wasn't it.

Aid Stations

  • Banana on the run will help
  • Fill those water/hydration cups a bit more. Even if we spill rather have more then less.
  • Another aid startion with gels so it’s not spread out so much.
  • arrange water stops to keep a maximum of 3km between each
  • Maybe have Endurance Tap at more stations.
  • Straight gatorade is too much sugar. Perhaps try Nuun instead.
  • The only thing I would change is the location of one of the water stations towards the end (either 37 or 39k, I don't remember). It was way too close to a steep downhill section (going into a small wooden bridge) and it took me by surprise. Not sure if it is feasible to move after the bridge though...
  • Including something salty along the course would help balance the sweet... pretzels, chips...
  • A better sport drink than Gatorade.
  • I think you did a great job. maybe another water station for the full. 

We try our best. There are 15 aid stations along the way; 4 had gels this year. We tried to change the Rotary Lane station, just prior to the wooden bridge; we had specific feedback about that one last year too; we weren't able to come up with a better alternative - we will revisit that area again.


  • I am not a singlet person - though having said that I still need to try it, I may like it. For me it all went really well - appreciated having more porta potties at the start.
  • I felt that the downsizing of the event shirt to a tank top wasn't a good choice. Noticing the long sleeve shirts of the past made this feel like it was cheap choice.
  • One more split time at the 10km mark. Medal is great but t-shirt less so. Not a priority, but if a better t-shirt could be provided, why not.

Ironically, the singlets were double the price of long-sleeve shirts. We wanted to switch things up this year, and figured most people have lots of shirts by now.

Finish Area

  • It took far too long to get to the awards ceremony and the sound made it really hard to hear. The sound has been an issue in previous years as well.
  • Finish line as mentioned above. Water handed to runners at finish would have been nice. Due to the weather I was chilled at the finish and would have liked a Mylar blanket upon finishing. Luckily a friend found some at the medical tent.
  • Loud music at finish line is rather distracting. I would rather just relax after the run and talk amongst the other runners. The music was too loud to allow a pleasant conversation.
  • This was probably my own fault, but it wasn’t clear to me if there was going to be an awards ceremony or not. I was lucky enough to win my age category and I picked up my sticker (great idea btw) but I didn’t know if I should stick around. I didn’t want to appear rude by being a no-show.
  • Warming blankets for marathon runners at finish line.
  • I had to think as it was extremely well done. The one aspect I would change is the finish line 'chute". The second I crossed I had a volunteer hand me my food back. It was great that is was all ready to go, but I needed to collect myself a bit. Maybe if there was a small chute taped off, runners could pull themselves together a bit and then grab the food bag when exiting. Otherwise- outstanding!
  • Finish line area should be restricted more. Too many non-runners in the way and right at the finish line. Unsafe and limited ability to get finisher medal and interact with volunteers.
  • For me, if you want to go even farther, offer us bio chocolate milk. Bio milk ensures the cow go to the fields... My sport achievements don`t warrent a life in chain/stall/cage.
  • Having the foil blankets for finishers would have helped especially with the bad weather.
  • Everything was good. One area that could use improvement (at little to no extra cost) would be the finish area. Perhaps use ropes instead of pylons.
  • Get Rurban to serve beer at the finish! Come on, it's the only way to get the last star out of me.
  • Have more photographers at the finish line from different angles. I was blocked by the runner in front of me.
  • Also, I did not get food at the finish....I am a little spacey after a marathon so missed it.

There are some better options for the finish, such as a cordoned off athlete's area. We will look into this for next year. 

Logistics / Other

  • Perhaps a later start for the marathon - say 8am so the wake and bus trip are not sooo early...
  • The first 2-3km were really muddy and puddly because of the rain. Would it be possible to use a paved road instead of a dirt road with an uneven surface for these few kms?
  • Just more information about distance from hotels to college. I thought I could walk from my hotel to the college to catch a bus, but this was 5km away.
  • Have the buses leave later so that the wait at the start line isnt so long.
  • A large sheltered area at the start would have been great, whether it's raining or not. (gives the runners a chance to get off bus, move around, stretch, warmup, etc.) . The gear check can also benefit from the sheltered area.
  • Hard to complain, but here are a few things: - some sort of shelter at the start line would have been nice, even if it was some tarps or tents. You could even get a sponsor to host one (i.e. Tim Horton's giving out free coffee and tea)
  • Is it possible to run through Upper Canada Village?
  • Better organization at the start line with the buses sticking around due to the rain it caused confusion on around the start area. Didn't like the start terrain - too many pot holes in the path and with the rain and crowed start it was hard to avoid the pot holes. Didn't want wet feet or twist an ankle at the start. 
  • Track more times throughout the race not just half and 32kms or so. Additional splits can be nice for spectators. Difficult given the course, but having more timers on course can be fun. Also, adding signs for various mile (imperial) markers vs metric only could be helpful. Music at the start line can be fun to pump everyone up.
  • It was perfect, but I could use some references on hotels or motel with good feed back and a Kitchenette.
  • Seeding signs at the start would be helpful.
  • A later marathon start (by at least one hour)
  • Running through, not beside, Upper Canada Village, would be a huge plus.
  • I understand gun time for medals; could chip time be considered?
  • One small thing that might be out of your control. The Ramada was reluctant to give late check outs. I was not very impressed since I was responsible for booking over 20 rooms between us and Boreal.
  • Keeping the busses for shelter at the start was good. Move the start time to 7:30 or 8:00. Getting on the bus for 5:30 meant a really early wake up. Offer Vaseline on popsicle sticks. Especially in wet runs. My leg is very badly chafed, even with body glide.
  • would have been nice to have a heads up about the hills from 20 to 30km.

Some good feedback here. We will use it to help with planning for next year.


  • Nothing different.
  • I struggle at this time to be critical, it was incredibly well organized.
  • This is a tough one...I really can’t think of a thing.
  • Was my 14th marathon. I had the best experience! Keep up the great work!
  • Nothing!
  • We loved the medal, bq for my friend, tanktop fits nicely. It was nice to be able to stay warm in the bus. There were enough toilets. Gels, gatorade and water stations were perfectly planned.
  • This was my first time running this race. Nothing really comes to mind for me right now.
  • Please tell mother nature that we would like less rain next year. Like last year, the race was well planned and wonderful. I would recommend it to everyone. I would say that I don't think you should increase registration too much next year - things were noticeably more congested through the park this year (although everyone was very aware and encouraging and great). Also, as much as I love your low registration fees, you could absolutely raise the price for the marathon and it would still sell out. You put on an amazing race and I would happily pay more for it.
  • No complaints
  • Absolutely loved my experience and loved the beautiful course. A little challenging with the rolling hills, but loved being surrounded by the singing of the geese. My only little suggestion would be to include loud music at the finish line and to perhaps have an announcer greet the runners when they finish. But it is not the end of the world if this is not possible. Thanks for organizing a great marathon and thanks for supporting a great cause. I have MS myself so this marathon was very special to me. Thanks Karen:) It was #18 for me since my diagnosis. Feeling really grateful! Thank you and all the volunteers for being part of my MS journey!
  • I don’t really have anything to say for this one.... you had plenty of port-o-potty’s at the start, the race started on time, we knew what gel would be at each station (good for planning if I needed to bring my own), and your volunteers were very nice and encouraging. Less rain would be nice, but since you can’t order this ahead of time it is not really your responsibility. Normally I think it is a good time of year for a race because it is warm enough not to race in a jacket, but not hot like Ottawa has been the last few times I did it. I also loved that the t-shirt was a singlet since I think most runners have way too many race t-shirts anyway (nice to have something different)
  • nothing
  • Nothing! 
  • No mistakes except for putting up with idiots that did not appreciate all the hard work you and your team put in. I would block them from next year!
  • All in all this was an excellent race.
  • I am completely satisfied!
  • I have not criticisms at all.  Great experience, I will return for sure next year!
  • Overall, this is the best small town race I’ve run. 
  • Overall, it was great. Being able to get out of the rain and wait on the bus for the marathon was awesome. 
  • My entire club was very impressed with the organizers' flexibility, common sense and eagerness to please. 
  • I like it as it was! I did my PB this year ( from 4 h 22 min Iast year, this year because of the rain I did 3 h 38 so bring some rain next year please!
  • My second year in this even and I really don't know if it can get any better. You guys are doing an amazing job!!!
  • Perfect from my point of view. Just don't raise the price too much if you do!
  • Everything was excellent, very well organized, lots of water/gatorade stations. Nice and helpful volunteers. Great to have the buses as shelter before the start.
  • It was an excellent, well organized event. Even the rain wasn't that bad ... Made for some good stories.
  • You did a very good job.
  • Nothing I can think of
  • I don't see anything... All was just amazing. Thousands times better than any of these 200$ race.
  • Not much. I like the laid back atmosphere of this run and want that to be preserved rather than making this another circus like many marathons have become.
  • Seriously, this event was simply great on every aspect. Big events should learn from your event.
  • Well done as is. For your benefit could maybe add a marathon relay. complaints
  • Everything was great
  • Nothing that I can put a finger to.

Well you guys are easy to please :-)

Q8. Do you have anything else you'd like to tell us?

  • The clothes drop did work for me. I saw a basket, took my jacket off, a volunteer took it from me and put it in the basket. It was there in the gym when I finished. Perfect!
  • Really well organized event. Really appreciated the detailed emails we received prior to the event. Nice atmosphere.
  • It was a first class event in so many ways: really felt that you were supporting us runners in every way possible! Low registration fee thus allowing runners to make direct donation to MS, great e-mail updates and Facebook pictures and info leading up to the event itself, stunning blue/green singlets and useful gifts (cutlery, shopping bag) from the town of Cornwall, definitely one of the classiest medals I have ever received (marathon), lots of parking at St. Lawrence College, being allowed to stay on the buses before the start, fabulous volunteers, handing out many gels along the route, 5 year age categories for age awards, choice of food at the end of the race and Phil Barnes' supportive attitude and actions!!! Thank you, thank you!!!
  • Thank you!
  • Nope, great race despite the weather!
  • Well done! Thanks for letting us stay on the buses at the start. That was much appreciated!
  • I thought it was great! Having run a lot of larger scale half marathon races, I loved how small it was and how nice it was to be able to leave items at the start line and at all water stations. I left my jacket at the 21km mark and found it in the gym once I finished. Thank you!
  • I loved the marathon singlets! Great swag this year. Congratulations on a successful event.
  • thank you for a fantastic race, will either do it again myself or recommend to others.
  • Cloths drop on the route was very good. Thanks for a well organised, enjoyable race despite the weather. Thanks for letting us wait in the bus at the start. Thanks for all the gels.
  • It is a wonderful run. I want to do it one year when I am not gunning for a time - we ran it last year as a "training" run from the bird sanctuary to the end - a beautiful run. Thank you so much for all the efforts organizing.
  • The volunteers, the course, the start line, the timing with the other events all went smoothly!! I love this race and will definitely be back again!
  • Love the event-clear communications, aid stations well planned out, course beats any city marathon course, Cornwall should be proud of this major event.
  • Thank you. Glad we chose your marathon.
  • Thank you!!!
  • Congratulations! I will be back in 2019!
  • You did a really great job keeping us notified before the race with emails and Facebook postings. Instructions were clear and detailed. Parking at the end was perfect and the buses on time. Appreciated that we could shelter on the bus as the weather was nasty. Congratulations, very well organized and for a great charity.
  • Love that you keep it small and that you don't get caught-up in the "increasing the number of participants". Sportstats was a plus this year. Thanks to the entire team!
  • It was my first marathon and it was perfect! Many thanks!
  • Great atmosphere ... great communication from the beginning .. loved this event!! I think I’ll be sticking to smaller races from now on!
  • Really enjoyed my experience at this event. Zero complaints.
  • Thank you !
  • Thank You, I have never been to a race with such great communication.
  • Big thank you!
  • I hope to do it again next year.
  • Thank you for such a wonderful race! I BQ'd for the first time and couldn't be more thrilled. You put on such a great event, thank you to everyone who volunteered and supported the race!
  • It was my first Cornwall MS run. I will return again for sure. Despite the downpour at 7:00am, it was a great run. Thank you.
  • Thank you for planning this event! Thank you to the volunteers in the buses at the start line. That was really nice to have access to the buses while we waited rather than being in the rain. That was great!
  • Thanks for organizing this event
  • A great event!!! Well done!!
  • It was one of the best races I've run in
  • We all loved the fact that the half and the 10k racers meet us on the course. Such a big boost for marathoners at k32. I have PB & BQ by a huge 15 min. Very happy and proud! I will be back... :)
  • This was an incredible event. It's the first event that I have raced where I thought "I will be back". Normally I like to check out different places. Well done!
  • I really enjoyed my experience with you! I was worried about it being such a small race but you guys held your own! Kudos!
  • A HUGE THANK-YOU for taking what could have been a miserable Spring run and making it all worthwhile! Hope to be there next year and get my 4hr Marathon... I'm not done yet :)
  • I loved the small size. It made the experience feel very relaxed. Larger races can get very hectic but I felt that the race was well planned and the course was beautiful. I would definitely do this run again.
  • The e-mails sent before the race were super helpful. Lots of detailed, accurate info is just what we needed. Thank you!
  • Continue! Great job for a community event!
  • We (my wife and I) really enjoyed this race. The spirit of runners and community was great. The post race recovery area was a huge help on a day with poor weather.
  • I enjoyed the event, thank you!
  • Excellent job to everyone involved.
  • Great job. Thanks for putting on this wonderfully event. Congratulations on the fundraising for MS.
  • You guys really have this race dialled in. Out of all my attempts to get to Boston, this race is the only one where I was able to punch my ticket. There is magical fast air for this race.
  • Great work. All in all, this is a huge event to pull off. I was very impressed with the volunteer support, the number of aid stations, the post-race amenities and the level and quality of communication leading up to and after the race. Also, I've never received so many amazing photos from a race...for FREE. Huge perk. Thanks!
  • You guys rock.
  • I prefer a dryfit t-shirt as part of the racekit goodies, I'll never wear a singlet, but that's just me. I like how the medals are completely different each year, this was my 2nd year and will do it again next year.
  • My two friends dropped off their jackets but could not find them at the finish line. We visited the MS office after lunch. At the office, a lady was willing to take us to the organizers home where all the uncollected items were located. The organizer and his wife came out and greeted us. When we entered the backyard, I saw all the uncollected cloths already laid out nicely being sun-dried. My friends found their clothes, and I was shocked to see my own disposable raincoat there. I did not put it in any designated bin and surely did not expect anyone to pick it up. I was touched. Thank you for organizing such a fantastic race.
  • Great run and the exceptionally well designed, quality finishers' medal topped off a great day very nicely indeed. Well done!
  • Great event. Can’t wait to sign up for next year!
  • Thanks for the great race! Very well organized, very low fees (one of the lowest marathon fees I have seen).
  • The singlet was great. My kid loved the colour change pencil in the swag bag ... best thing ever :-)
  • See you next year!!?
  • Overall it was a very well organized race and was far better then I could have imagined. The marathon route was one of a kind and enjoyed it. I would definitely make the trip again to do this marathon next year. The time of year is perfect as it is usually cooler in April. I will recommend this race to my running groups in Ottawa.
  • Great race venue and location
  • <3
  • I like this marathon 'cause it's very basic in approach, there's a start line, necessary drink and food along the way, then the finish line and a ***short*** awards ceremony! I stopped doing big-city marathons thoufh I live in a big city, because they have too many flashing lights and gawking crowds and television and loud noises and are too much like a circus. I like Cornwall Run to End MS since it's much more laid-back and there are NO paid stars
  • It felt so good at the time! Now, I like this marathon since there's no pressure to go too fast and I feel OK being near the end as I run again in my older +50 years. I also like the cause of the Cornwall Marathon, the support of the MS Society. IT's a good cause.
  • A late injury prevented me from running this year but aside this Phil was outstanding in keeping us updated and responded quickly to all queries. This would have been my 3rd year so it shows that this event is top notch (marathon) and I missed it dearly this year, rain or not! Feedback I am hearing from my Orléans gang is all positive! All are very impressed. Also, impressed and happy to see that the fundraising for MS reached $30K! Kudos to Phil and all the volunteers dedicated to this cause and event.
  • I thought it was EXTREMELY well organized. I will definitely sign up for this event, as well as recommend it to other runners.
  • Great Event. I really appreciate the event and might come back some day to beat my poor performance. Thank you very much!
  • I would definately recommend that other runners include Cornwall on their list of must due races.
  • Great race, hope I will come back and do it again someday.
  • The course, volunteers and fans along the course we're truly amazing!!! They made this Marathon very positive, even with the miserable weather!
  • Could you give us an update on why all those dead fish were in the lake? Best sighting: plastic pink flamingo in the swamp. It would be awesome to plant 5 things along the route, tell the runners to look out for them. May give us something else to think about. Love this race. Will be back again.
  • The clothes toss bins were a wonderful idea especially with the rainy weather. We could toss our wet clothes out and find them back at the finish line. Thanks for the additional logistics behind this!
  • There is a slight rise around 10km to 20km points. While it is small, it was unexpected. Perhaps you could mention it but I’m being nit picky now.
  • We, Phoenix Runners Club, are coming back next year.
  • This was my first time running this marathon. Loved it! It is tough but beautiful. Despite the added number of participants, it was not crowed even at the half-Marathon turnaround point. Job well done! Thank you for organizing this and keep it up!
  • Thank you I think I BQd ??????
  • Keep up the good work!
  • Thank you. Hope we have better weather next time.
  • Hope to see you next year....
  • You can't control the weather... but overall, everyone was friendly and the event was well run. Big thank-you to all those who gave their time to make the day a sucess.
  • Just thanks for everything.
  • Thank you!! Great race overall, have already recommended to a couple friends who are looking for a good BQ event.
  • Thanks for the hometown BQ!!
  • Nice race!
  • No but I will be back for sure.
  • Thank you for an experience I will never forget!
  • Keep on doing the great job!!!! It makes big difference for runners and for MS communities!
  • Thanks!
  • what was with all the dead fish in the lake???
  • I hope next year the challenge will be the same !
  • Can't wait to do it again. Thanks.
  • I really enjoyed the race and I’d like to congratulate everyone involved in organizing it. I predict great things in the coming years.
  • Great atmosphere.
  • Great organization. This was my first marathon in 9 years, and I was blown away. It seemed as though every detail was covered (water, gatorade, gel, BQ course, volunteers, etc). The fact that Phil replied to my emails personally was incredible. I had no idea when I messaged him if it would take weeks to respond - it took minutes!!
  • Love the race and look forward to running next year. I set a PR so I was very happy given the conditions.
  • Great work from start to finish. Thank-you all for your time and efforts.
  • Loved the race and would definetely do it again.
  • Keep up the good work!
  • Great race. Amazing volunteers. Very welcoming.
  • Try and get a local brewer to serve complimentary beer to finishers :)
  • Thank you soo much for the great experience.
  • Congratulations on providing a great race experience.

Awwww, you guys! <3

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