We sent the 2017 marathon participants a post-race survey.  59 people filled out the survey. Here are the questions and answers, with some commentary.

How did you find out about this year's event  
Friend / Word of Mouth: 43%
Internet / Facebook / Search: 43%
Past Participant: 13%

Would you consider returning to our event (marathon or any other distance) again in the future?
Yes: 98%
No:  0%
Undecided: 2% (1 person)

Overall, how would you rate the event?
Excellent: 91.5%
Very good: 8.5%
Good: 0%
Fair: 0%
Poor: 0%

We hosted many runners from out of town. If you were from out of town, how much money (per athlete, not including race fees) would you estimate you spent in the local community because of this event (i.e. Gas, meals, hotels, other purchases).        
N/A I am local to the area: 17%
$0: 0%
$0 - $100: 30%
$100 - $200: 27%
$200 - $300: 20%
$300+: 5%

Was there ever a location on the course that felt overly congested (too many runners), and if so where?

  • 37 People Stated "No", or similar variation; the rest, below are expanded answers
  • A little at the tuning point for the half but overall nothing that caused a delay. It was narrow when the half marathoners were sharing the trail with them going the opposite way. But there were that many runners so overall not a big issue at all
  • It only got busy for me in the last 4 or so km. But not uncomfortably so.
  • Maybe at the Km5 when a couple of runners ran shoulder to shoulder on the narrow gravel path, when they were running beyond their abilities and held back a group.
  • No issues at all even after the 1/2, 10km and 5km runners merged with the full.
  • no problems with other runners. there were a few at the start, but there was lots of room and the crowd soon thinned out. For a race this long, it really doesn't make any difference.
  • No, appreciated the 5k runners cheering me on the last 2k of the marathon
  • No, not at all!! That is why I enjoyed it so much!
  • No, only once met up with half marathoners, 10Ks, etc...but this added to the fun of the finish.
  • No, the timing with meeting the others distance ( 5, 10 and half marathon runner) was excellent. I did the marathon in 3h16 and it never got congested. We had the chance to encourage each other.
  • Not overly congested but pedestrian traffic (going in both directions) and runners (from all different races) just after the small wood bridge, on the uphill just before reaching the college. Perhaps have cones or signs or a volunteer at that location to keep pedestrians to one side and runners to the right coming up the hill.
  • Nothing I was aware of. This is a fast course. With the right conditions you can PB here.
  • Surprisingly, no. As I think, the only spot I noticed having to run around people was once the full, half AND 10k runners were altogether. But it added to the energy of being closer to the finish line.
  • There were none, can't say enough good things about this event.

To help us inform future runners, in a sentence, how would you describe the marathon course?

  • Beautiful quiet run along the St Lawrence
  • Undulating course with wonderful scenery and solitude.
  • a potential PR marathon course
  • Fast scenic and relatively flat.
  • beautiful path of mostly away from main roads. looks flat but has some rolling hill sections in the middle
  • Absolutely beautiful !!!!
  • Scenic point to point course.
  • Ha. I can't remember. I was so focused on running.
  • A mix of nature
  • Beautiful, scenic,
  • scenic route, clean fresh air and a running surface that is easy on the bones
  • Some rolling hills, amazing scenery and variation of terrain. Absolutely beautiful run.
  • The marathon course is a beautiful scenic route following the st Laurence.
  • Scenic, beautiful, variety of terrains. Peaceful. Mostly flat, with a bit of a rolling section in the middle.
  • Flat, fast, scenic
  • Scenic, quiet, not overcrowded, friendly, well indicated, amble water stations, flat with some small hills as challenges!
  • Beautiful course...flat and fast to start, with some rolling hills later on to keep you humble!
  • excellent. love the tailwind.
  • Flat and friendly...... rolling hills and painful.........
  • Beautiful course from start to finish!
  • Flat (ish) and beautiful
  • Scenic, relatively flat with some rolling hills along the trails
  • Beautifully quiet and scenic.
  • Enjoy the beauty of the St. Lawrence River as you run your marathon!
  • A scenic small marathon very well organized at a reasonable price.
  • It is a beautiful easy course that ends with a family and friendly atmosphere!
  • not flat, or fast...rolling hills
  • This marathon course was a joy to run in the forest and along the St. Lawrence River, peacefully in nature, without the distractions of a big city race.
  • Incredibly well organize
  • quite challenging
  • Absolutely scenic course!
  • First half flat, second rolling
  • Fast and scenic with a gorgeous first half.
  • Amazing! I might add porta potties at the half.
  • A small-town run that delivers big on an well-organized, low-stress event on a quintessential Canadian BQ course landscape (with black flies included).
    Comment: Oh boy, there were a few clouds of those pesky little bugs weren't there. They seem to pop up once every 5 years or so; they don't bite, so that's good.
  • Beautiful and some nice variety.
  • Beautiful place, beautiful people!
  • great views of great vistas of the St Lawrence River, wonderful experience of nature along a well kept trail, but be careful due to the many short & very steep hills from 25 to 35 km and a hazardous area for running 3 km before the end. It's best to walk this part before, on, and after a small footbridge just east of the customs & international bridge. BUT, this is a great end-of-April race that always has great weather for running, not too hot and not too cold, and it's along a river, a source of power and strength.
  • Amazing, beautiful, second half is a bit challenging do to elevation
  • Great and fast course.
  • Beautiful scenery, challenging after the half-way point, very well organized.
  • Beautiful, scenic, great varieties of terrain.
  • The course is scenic, a great Boston qualifier, the route is not crowded and is awesome for spectating!
  • Absolutely beautiful with a few rolling hills but every 10km the scenery changes. The first 10km with the sun rising and on the cinder trail just set me up in a good place.
  • I must say the course was nothing less than stunning....except for the last couple of km's. The delapidated building and junk on the left side was a war zone. Too bad we couldn't find a way of running down Montreal road to the finish line eh!
    Comment: I suppose that's a relic of our industrial past. But, that is where our friend the Minion is hiding to brighten your day.
  • A scenic, quiet course. Mostly flat with some hilly sections 2/3rds of the way.
  • Gorgeous course with little challenge in the second part with the rolling hills.
  • Beautiful, serene, net downhill, well-supported course. Relatively easy course to BQ - if I could do it anyone could!!
  • Flat with a few short but steep rolling hills
  • A cross country course that happens to be 42.2km long. Challenging but fun.
  • Deceptive. Those baby hills are mountains by the end!
  • Wavey , beautiful
  • Scenic marathon on waterfront trail
  • Beautiful course taking you through forests, parks and waterfront.
  • Scenic and fast.
  • well organized and very beautiful course
  • Epic

Our volunteers make or break this event. Please use this space to provide specific feedback. We would like to share it with them.

  • They were awesome. It was amazing they supported such a long course for so few participants. The water stations were great - many water breaks, all well supplied, great volunteers. Great support at the end, wonderful to be able to change and have real toilets. Overall - great spirit, a fun day.
  • Stellar movement and enthusiasm of the same faces makes it personal. I was able to keep up conversations with total strangers as they tracked us and met us along the route.
  • Brilliant volunteers at every stage
  • Great energy, friendly and smiles. Thank you!
  • thank you for making this a great race
  • Amazing !!! Especially at the start of the marathon with very little spectators not only did they assist at aid stations but they were always cheering !!!
  • The volunteers were enthusiastic and made this race extra special.
  • I thanked volunteers at a number of stations as I grabbed a drink. They were all friendly and happy to be there. I have run Boston, NYC, Chicago, Berlin, Tokyo, and the volunteers at the Cornwall Marathon were right up with them in terms of experience.
  • They were encouraging, helpful, sense of humour greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!!!
  • friendly staff, some kind encouragement and a big genuine smile, the perfect combination.
  • Amazing! So much spirit and encouragement. Lots of water stations which really helped prevent dehydration. First aid responders were friendly and there were several to ensure everyone's safety.
  • The volunters were excellent at each aid station. It is my sixth marathon and it was the best regarding aid station. Congrats
  • Volunteers were excellent. Encouraging and helpful at all aid stations. No trouble getting my water/gatorade. Very informative at the beginning and helpful at the end.
  • Great team, well organized
  • THANK YOU! YOU are the BEST!!!!
  • Thank you were amazing!
  • support was first class. kudos
  • Well organized, friendly.
  • The team of volunteers were AMAZING! Every station had people who welcomed you with smiles and positive encouragement. They were clear about where water, gatorade and gels were, (even what flavor of gel!). The volunteers made this marathon a very positive experience. Thank you!!!
  • Outstanding!
  • They were fantastic. My partner and I were at the back of the pack often arriving alone to the aid stations and the volunteers made a point of encouraging us. I would like to personally thank the "bike guy" who was going back and forth making sure that everything was OK. He was always super encouraging, telling us we were doing a good job :)
  • Very impressed with the amount of volunteers considering the race size. Helpful to have the nutrition/hydration called out to runners. Great communication of volunteers to runners for course info I.e. Guy standing at turn around point for 10k runners yelling "halfway-run around me". Helpful to have someone at entrance/parking lot for marathon start explaining where/where not to park. Everyone was friendly& helpful.
  • Volunteers were fantastic - thanks to those who helped with our race kit pick-up, those cheering us on along the way (men in kilts), those on bike keeping a watchful eye on us and most especially those at the water stations, always at the ready - couldn't have done it without you! THANK YOU ALL!
  • Big thank you! Everyone did their best to make this race a good experience.
  • You guys rock!
  • excellent
  • Everyone was offering me water, Gatorade and gels along the course with great enthusiam, especially the lads and lasses dressed up in the Gallic attire! The young men on their bikes kept their eyes on the pack at the back, giving us lots of encouragement and making sure we could keep putting one foot in front of the other! It was a special day, thanks to them all.
  • Wow, thanks for your support all the way!
  • Volunteers were wonderful
  • Congratulations to the organizer and volunteers of such a great event! Absolutely a fantastic running experience! Well done!
  • All very pleasant and encouraging
  • Wonderful volunteers! Thank you very much to all.
  • They were amazing!
  • Friendly, helpful. Including the man that let me skip ahead of him for a massage.
  • Their enthusiastic support along with the sublime scenery sparked me to overdo it for 28k! I couldn't help myself, it was so much fun to go for it and kid around with the volunteers like I knew what I was doing. They helped me through the dark last 14 too!
  • Thank you so much for everything!
  • the volunteers are all very wonderful. They are a huge factor that will drawing me back to doing this race again. I liked the decorations, too .. the "fun zone" at half way, eh? Where was "bonk bear" this year?
    Comment: "Bonk Bear"'s owner actually ran the marathon this year.
  • They were so amazing. Can't thank them enough.
  • Great Volunteers always smiling and supporting
  • Thank you so very much!!! The fantastic volunteers made the day that much better, smiling, cheering, encouraging...can't say enough good things!
  • The volunteers were great - super cheerful and supportive! They were well organized. My only suggestion would be for them to be aware of what they are holding - water or gatorade. There were a few who were mixed up when asked of if they had water, they said yes and then handed me gatorade.
  • Everybody at the stations were more than helpful trying to get the runners through as fast as possible. The sign in was effortless. The post food and refreshments were abundant with no restrictions on how many we could take. I loved the guys in the kilts driving by offering tissues and gels. Great guys!!
  • Your volunteers from start to finish were first class and done of the most caring group I have had the pleasure to run by??
  • Very encouraging and were always ready. They did an excellent job. I tried to thank everyone of them.. for the ones I missed -- THANK YOU.
  • They were fantastic.
  • THANK YOU for your time, enthusiasm, and energy.
  • Well supported race with lots of happy cheering volunteers.
  • Volunteers and fans make those running events. My apologies for not always thanking them...specially towards the end.
  • All the volunteers were absolutely fantastic. Warm smiles, great cheers and attention paid to small details. The offer of a gel from a car following along side was priceless.
  • Best water stations ever! The reappearing crew was so fun!
  • Volunteers were so supportive , positive, went out of their way to make the day a joy and full of community spirit
  • Lots of aid station with smiling volunteers
  • Thanks for your work, support and engagement.
  • Great work by all the volunteers.
  • I thought the volunteers were wonderful. Cheering crowds and volunteers made the race seem a lot shorter than 42km ;)
  • Make sure cups at least 3/4 full with water, very important as it was warm

Let us have it! We want to learn from our mistakes. What would you have liked we do differently? Where can we improve?

  • There was a rush on the porta potties at the start - that is the only item I can think of.
  • Really, not much!!!
  • Race is too cheap :-) Value for money is too good for this race. considering how well organized with precise and detailed planning. all food and drinks during and after the race, 6 water stations where gels were available, the swag bag, the shirt and cap. These are all many times better than regular and bigger marathons. you can reflect that in your pricing for the marathon and use proceeds for the good cause or further improve. You can easily justify an increase by $20~$30
  • Comment: We've been lucky to attract generous sponsors who helped offset some of the race costs.
  • Wouldn't mind time splits at the 10,15,21.1, and 30 km marks but it's not a deal breaker :)
    Comment: We've updated the results page with the manual 21.1 split, unfortunately, extra timing mats cost $500 a piece.
  • Can't think of anything.
  • My only challenge was managing trips to the loo in a timely manner. We only had 30 minutes from arriving at Crysler Marina to the start of the race. Not enough portapotties for everyone to do their business once, let alone twice. This was made complicated by the use of gun time and not chip time (no mat at the start)".
    Comment: We will change the stagger of the buses next year so we have more time for porta-pottys. We're contemplating a chip time for next year, it will cost us $500 more. It took 18 seconds for the last runner to pass the start this year.
  • I wonder if it would be possible somehow to increase the number of marathoners who can participate.
    Comment: We're thinking so.
  • the only thing i can say is "don't stop what you're doing"
  • I wasn't so impressed and totally loved it. Very personal feel and awesome volunteers.
  • Having a start line carpet for chip time marathon.
  • Port-a-potties were a little short in number. Thankfully I got through the line and did my business, got to the start line with minutes to spare. Absolutely the only thing I can think of.
  • Water always on the same side " with Gatorade. Aid stations at the bottom of 'hills' -)
  • Have done this marathon twice now I can only say that I am impressed two years in a row! Improvements are for me not you!
  • Maybe a little start line music. More timing matts for the marathon course for splits, etc.
  • The clock at the finish line was confusing for Marathoners. It was showed the half marathon time. Marathoners were supposed to add 2 hours. Not a big deal but kind of confusing after being out there a long time.
  • At the start, the announcer was chatting so I went for my last pee, then he announced 10 seconds!! Usually 1 minute heads up would be good.
    Comment: The start was a little chaotic. We have ideas on how to improve that next year.
  • This was my first marathon and I can not think of a single thing that you could have done differently. From registration to finishing the race, each step was a positive experience. Thank you!!
  • Nothing, everything was just great
  • Perhaps you could clarify in the pre-race information where exactly we need to leave our bags at the start line. Although I heard the announcement to put them in the first bus I was pretty focussed on getting to the porta-potty. It might also be a good idea to get the runners to the start line a little sooner because those of us in the last bus were concerned that the race would start before we could use the bathroom
  • Can't think of anything different, but what I LOvED was that it was on a Saturday morning!! 7am is a perfect marathon start time. I also love the straight run- no loop- for marathon. I will be back next year :)
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the run - am impressed that you were able to arrange a tail wind to boot!
  • Very hard.. Let's say if you can get a bulldozer and remove some of the hills, and then control the weather, around 5-7C less would have been perfect. Seriously, I may have missed the entrance to the trail at Km4 if a volunteer in a bike didn't stop there and showed us the way. And Cheering in some spots like the Long Sault Park would have been appreciated. Here the field is thinned out and we don't see much people. Then the start mat and one or two splits could really help.
  • Sincerely? Nothing! I went with a friend this year, but plan on going with our 2 families next year! :)
  • not enough bathrooms at the start, and along the way...i am a female important for us.
    Comment: I hear you loud and clear.
  • Thought about this for a while, can't think of anything. It was so well organized! Congratulations!
  • StartIng gate with chip time and free parking at St-Lawrence college (we've gotten a 25$ ticket)
    Comment: If you are reading this, please contact me; you should not have gotten a parking ticket.
  • A few more porta potties on the course
  • Can't really think of. I guess you can't do much with the bugs at the Start location :)
  • A few more Porta Potty at the start would have been good.
  • It was amazing. The only thing I might fix, it felt, being a late finisher at 11:54 am that everything was packing up, and the photo ops were limited.
  • Appreciated the kilometer markers but was confused near the end : had seen 4O; then the next group of signs said 18, 7, 3 (or something like that). Had thought I had 2 to go, then thought, no 3? Then saw 41. Perhaps add something at each set for the marathoners. A couple of times wished there was more water. Perhaps it was because I had just taken a gel that I was craving a liquid. While it was not super hot, maybe add some sponges.
  • I didn't know about the good recovery stuff in my gift bag until later, on the ride home. I was yearning for it and you had given it to me! Chocolate Milk, greens thing, mints..
  • It would be a good think for marathoners to have more people to encourage...from the citizen of the city...maybe to ask everybody to be along the course?
  • -I had no problem with toilets/washrooms, but talked to other runners who always found them full. It'd be a great idea to have a few more outhouses along the way. Now, I did see both male and female runners using the bushes ... :-(
    Comment: We're looking into this for next year.
  • We talked to a ton of locals, no one had a clue that there was a race so I'd work on that
  • Nothing I can think of.
  • -different colour cups for gatorade and water, or be consistent with water at the first table and gatorade at the second at ALL aid stations -more pottapotties at the start and/or having buses arrive 10 minutes earlier -recognition for 1st, 2nd and 3rd male and female overall for each of the races (not even for prizes, but just for the recognition - podium and a picture?), then age groups -Long Sault Parkway - cars were driving very quickly and drivers were unaware that there was a race going on - perhaps having an OPP car at each entrance with lights on, and/or signs that say "road race in progress, watch for runners", and/or cones on the road/shoulder to give runners a clear lane, and/or volunteers with flags or signs along this stretch of the course
    Comment: All good comments.
  • The loud music at the end was distracting. Runners yelling at each other trying to discuss how our race unfolded.
  • Change the last couple of km's as I mentioned above!
  • Only at the 35km water station. Having the water on one side and gatorade on the other meant there was running around the 1/2 marathoners coming from the other direction who also wanted water. It wasn't bad, but if you had had water and gatorade on both sides would have been a better idea.
  • Maybe a little bit more toilets.
  • I can't say enough good things about this race, I absolutely loved it. My only suggestion would be another timing mat, but I understand that cost becomes a factor in that decision.
  • Nothing - keep everything the same!!
  • 1) Make the buses leave as they fill up (like in Boston) to alleviate line ups at the porta johns. 2) Give additional warnings prior to the start. The 10 sec countdown caught me off guard. 3) Have a volunteer manning the bag checks table. Squatting to find my bag was somewhat painful. 3) Hand the gels 50-100meters ahead of water stations.
    Comment: Great feedback.
  • The busses could leave the college a half hour sooner in order to give more people a chance to get in that much needed potty time.
    Comment: We will be doing this for sure next year.
  • No suggestions.
  • Have more first aid supplies at stations ( a535, Motrin etc) and more signs for portapotties , keep directional signs out later .
  • More potties on the departure and a podium at the end
  • I loved this race and want to congratulate the organizers and volunteers! I must say all the pre-race communication was EXCELLENT--just the right blend of details and enthusiasm. The course was beautiful! The numbers were good. So impressed! However, there are always little things that can be improved.... 1. The pre-race at the marina was a bit chaotic in terms of the time available and the port-a-potties. I would suggest either: a) have more port-a-potties available so that people can use them and still make the start time; or b) have the buses arrive earlier (less desirable). 2. Get the start a bit more "organized". I think there were actually people present that didn't know the race had started. Perhaps a loud horn as a start gun or something. (Or maybe a honking Canada Goose.) 3. Finish line--I think the inflated arches may have gotten swept away by the wind--if so, no worries. If not, I think the finish line needs a bit more of a presence. 4. Have the finish line volunteers actually place the medals around the participants' neck. Nice touch. 5. Loved the men in kilts! Thanks for all your work.
  • It's perfect like that.
  • Been to many marathons - Chicago, New York, etc. and I cannot think of one right now.. heck, I can think of many for New York if that tells you something.
    Comment: Awesome.
  • Cars were oblivious to us running on the Parkway. No regard for the runners at all by a couple drivers.
    Comment: Looking into options for next year.

Do you have anything else you'd like to tell us?

  • We have already recommended the marathon to many others.
  • It was the course I needed to BQ and it proved true giving me entry with 8+ minutes to spare - almost into the age group below mine :)))
  • Goodie bag was excellent
  • See you next year.
  • My best marathon experience so far thanks to a well organized race. Thank you.
  • 100 percent love that the marathon photos are included !!! As well as all the volunteer photos that were posted !!!
  • Looking forward to next year's marathon and theme medal.
  • I really enjoyed the event
  • For a 2nd year event for the marathon, the overall experience was great. The timing of the event (late April) is perfect for those who don't want to deal with the heat or crowds of Ottawa. Those mini-hills in the last few KM were not nice. :p
  • Just thanks again.
  • You made my first marathon experience a fabulous one! Can't wait to join you for my second next year!
  • Congradulation to all organizers.. Well done; I already spread the word on Strava telling others marathonners that your race is beautiful. Thank you for all of you who worked hard to make that day a great one!
  • My first marathon I've run in my hometown! So happy that you have this event and execute it so well. I will brag to my running friends about this race and how they should put it on their to-do list.
    Comment: Awesome.
  • First Marathon, 312:26 and a BQ. Thanks!
  • To all the organizers, volunteers and those that did the fundraising not forgetting the sponsors a big THANK YOU, job well done! Hope you repeat it again next year!
  • You did a fantastic job. Everything was FIRST CLASS, Everyone in our group had a great time. I am planning to bring a big group back again next year. Congrats.
  • Half marathon medals had more colour than the marathon medals, great that they change them up every year though that's important. I'll be back!!
  • I truly appreciated this experience. It was awesome to have so many water stations, positive encouragement, the photos, pre-race emails with all the details were also super helpful. Phil Barnes's responses to emails were quick and encouraging. Thank you so much for all the hard work. It was wonderful to run this course and to support an amazing cause. Thank you!
  • Really well organized race. The route was scenic and although I was concerned about running on the Parkway there was no traffic which was great. Great swag, especially like the hat!
  • I liked the post race food: Tostitos, salsa, bananas, etc. I liked the long sleeve tshirts. Love Cliff as a sponsor ;) for samples I appreciated the start line kit pick up. You know it's a small race when you can get your kit 30 minutes before the race. This was helpful for out of towners. Thank you!
  • I will definitely recommend this event to runner friends. Nice job, thank you all.
  • As I mentioned personally and via FB. this is the best race I have ever attended. (I have run 2 FM, 10 HM and around 10 shorter distances). Please don't change it. You may want to create a second wave of marathoners starting 5-10 minutes after if you decide to expand the race.
  • a party on Saturday night would be cool :)
  • a 7.00 am start is good, due to the heat, all was fine...i am not a morning person but i was on time, just needed a free bathroom or more time to use the bathroom at the start...good job
  • I was quite touched by the number of people who were around at the finish, it means a lot to someone who said to himself 9 years ago(to the day) that he'd never run another marathon! It was the best, thanks everyone who put this event together, it was the best.
  • Just wow! Thanks for this wonderful race day!
  • Keep up the good work!
  • Really enjoyed the race, my time was poor due to injury, but was pleasantly pleased with intimacy of the race....really enjoyed encounter in last 10km where you cross paths with the other races...great small town vibe...well done
  • Nice course, great people, great organization: congratulations and thank you.
  • Really enjoyed this race. It was was #16 marathon, and while not a PB, certainly a personal favorite. Good quality tee and hat (bonus), food bag, great finish location with hot coffee and shelter, I will be back. Thank you !
  • Well done and very well organized. I like the low key vibe too. After some brand name races, these community events are a very nice contrast. Like, "lets play".
  • So fun! Thank you so much!
  • Overall, I really enjoyed this event and will probably return as I like taking events like this rather lightly, rather than too seriously, and feel that I can at this race as compared to glossy races with lots of paid racers and paid staff. this is much easier going. I wonder if there's a way to alter the course to get around some of the steep hills between 25 & 35 km? You know, when I sometimes bike along this route, though I do live out of town, I do take the road as it is flatter. Now, maybe, too, at the customs/international-bridge, the route could follow the old bicycle trail and across the road to the USA at the stop light? the current route over the foot bridge that's over the old canal is hazardous to muscles since it is so steep. I actually made myself walk that part this year and my muscles are recovering much better. The steep uphill is almost OK, but the steep downhill, after going across the footbridge, can cause cramps like I saw on some runners at the end of the race??? this hill is as steep as some stairs! But, maybe these hills are just another challenge for me to overcome in this decade? I'll just need to run up and down more hills in training, eh?
    Comment: Yes, that foot bridge is pretty steep after 38K (both up and down).
  • Thank you so much. Everything was just fantastic and professional.
  • Great event!!!
  • Great day, swag bag was loaded this year! Great job sponsors!
  • great atmosphere, well organized, super cheerful & helpful volunteers, awesome finish space (college parking lot), super route for spectators to see runners at multiple points, post race refreshments and snacks were excellent, awesome swag bag and race gear, EXCELLENT PRICE/VALUE for race fee, I will definitely be back to run this race again and will recommend it to others! Thank you for all of your hard work!
  • I like how the race is on Saturday. Sunday to recover before the work week. I like how there were baskets to unload clothes along the race route and I could collect after the race. Great photos from all the photographers. I loved the photobooth with the catchy phrases. I will recommend this race to all my running friends. Well done and thank you for making the event so enjoyable.
  • See you next year!
  • Great event. I'll definitely be recommending this one over Ottawa Race Weekend for an early season marathon.
  • Keep up the good work.
  • Thank you to all of the volunteers and sponsors, this was a superb event and I look forward to returning next year to try to BQ
  • Keep up the great work!
  • After running in scorching heat at the Ottawa and Boston marathon in previous years, I choose your race and I'm glad I did! Thanks
  • Thank you!
  • Nope.
  • Thank you for making my first marathon experience so wonderful !
  • Great day! Thanks! See you next year!
  • Thank you!!!
  • Great job. thank you for the wonderful experience.
  • I'd rather run in Cornwall then go to Boston!
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