Course Description

The marathon course is a point to point. It starts at the Crysler Marina, just west of historic Upper Canada Village near Morrisburg. Particiapnts will be bused to the Start Location from St. Lawrence College. The route follows the bike path to the Long Sault Parkway entrance at Ingleside. It then continues along the parkway to Long Sault where it re-joins the bike path and follows it along the waterfront to the finish line at St. Lawrence College. The course is fast and has a net downhill elevation profile. There are a few short steep sections along the second half that will challenge tired legs.The first 2 km are on a dirt road, the remainder is mostly asphalt pathway. This course is incredibly scenic.

Field Size

This year's marathon will be capped at 250 participants. We are committed to providing the best possible environment for all our participants and volunteers. We have sold out the last two years, and we expect the marathon will sell out this year, so register early.

Map of Course

Direct link to interactive Google course map

Race Kit Pickup

We are asking people who will be in Cornwall on Friday to pick up their race kits at the MS Society Office between 11am and 7pm (725 Boundary Road). If you cannot pick up your kit ahead of time, it will be available at the College (From 5:15 to 6:00 AM) on race day morning. We will bring any unclaimed kits to the start line with us. Advanced Race Kit Pickup is for marathon participants only. All other events will pick up their kit at St. Lawrence college on race day morning.

Marathon Cutoff

The Run to endMS does not wish to discriminate against slower runners. We are a volunteer organization and some of the race-day costs we incur are paid for by the hour. We wish to provide as much support as possible to our runners and ensure a safe environment. At this time, we are unable to support runners with an expected finish time beyond 5 hours and 30 minutes. Runners who arrive at the half-way mark after 9:45AM will be given an official time for a half-marathon, and offered a ride back to the finish. If runners decide to continue onward, we can not guarantee the aid stations will be available to them. Runners who arrive after the official cutoff time, may send us their time for an unofficial finish time, and we will be happy to provide them with a medal.

Start Time

The race will start at 7 AM from Crysler Park and Marina. Remember, this is not at the college; this is a 30 minute drive west of the college.

Getting to the Start Line/Buses

Buses will be available to transport runners from St. Lawrence College to the marathon start line at Crysler Park Marina. The bus ride will be approximately 30 minutes. The last bus will leave the college at 5:50 AM (sharp). We can not offer transportation to friends and family to the start line.

Runners may have a family member drive them to the start line at Crysler Park Marina. If you are driving or being driven to the start, please be there no later than 6:30.

Sweat Bags

You will be able to leave clothing items at the start line area. These bags will be brought back to the gymnasium near the finish line where you will be able to claim them. Please do not bring backpacks - a small shopping bag, labeled with your number would be preferred.

Aid Stations, Porta Potties and Clothes Toss

There will be aid stations approximately every 3 km along the route. These aid stations will have water and Gatorade. Some stations will have gels. There will also be several Porta Potties located along the route. You will be able to discard clothing along the way at any of the aid stations (up to 30K). Each aid station will have a special basket. All the clothing baskets will be returned to the finish line area, where you will be able to sort through and claim your own items. Please see the table below for locations.

Station Distance Description Potties Water Gatorade Gel Clothes Toss
0           0 K Start Line Yes Yes - - Yes
1 2.5 K Road to Upper Canada Village - Yes Yes - Yes
2 5.1 K Ault Island Road - Yes Yes - Yes
3 8 K Upper Canada Bird Sanctuary Yes Yes Yes Yes -
4 11 K Farran Park - Yes Yes - -
5 14 K Ingleside entrance to Parkway Yes Yes Yes - Yes
6 17.5 K Hoople Island - Yes Yes - -
7 21.1 K Half way - Yes Yes Yes Yes
8 24 K Long Sault exit of Parkway Yes Yes Yes - Yes
9 27.5 K Lost Villages - Yes Yes - -
10 30 K Guindon Park, Floral Drive  Yes Yes Yes - -
11 32.5 K Power Dam Drive - Yes Yes Yes Yes
12 34.5 K Power Dam Parking Lot Yes Yes Yes - -
13 37 K 10 K Run turnaround location - Yes Yes - -
14 39 K Rotary Lane Yes Yes Yes - -
15 40 K Civic Complex - Yes Yes - -
16 42.2 K Finish Line Real Toilets Yes Yes - -

Videos of Marathon Course

Google Maps Flyover Video of Marathon Course

GoPro Marathon Course Recon

Certification, Boston Qualification, New York and World Marathon Majors

The marathon has been officially measured by AIMS standards, and is certified by Athletics Canada. As such, it can be used for Boston Qualification, as well as qualification for the New York City Marathon and other World Marathon Majors.

 Here is our course certificate from Athletics Canada, which includes a map and full details of the course.

 Confirmation from Boston Athletics Association for Boston Qualifier status.

 Confirmation from New York City Road Runners for NYC Marathon (and Worlds Marathon Majors) Qualifier status.

Marathon Training Plans

Here are a few training plans adapted from Hal Higdon.

 Basic Marathon Plan (18 Weeks), adapted from Hal Higdon's Novice-1 Plan.

 Intermediate Marathon Plan (18 Weeks), adapted from Hal Higdon's Intermediate-1 Marathon Plan.


As this course is officially certified, and can be used for Boston Marathon Qualifying, all ahtletes must run the complete length of the certified route. Runners may use the full width of paths and roads throughout except: use the left side shoulder of the Long Sault Parkway. This is a wide shoulder with a painted line. Runners must stay within the shoulder area and not cross the road. The entrance onto and off the parkway will be well marked, as will the approach to the finish line. Where the run is on the shared recreation pathway, please keep to the right hand side when facing oncoming runners.

Athletes shall not receive or collect refreshment or water from a place other than the official stations, except where provided for medical reasons from or under the direction of race officials.

Please Note

For the safety of all our participants, running strollers and pets are not permitted on the course.

Spectator's Guide

If you are having spectators follow you around the course, you can direct them to the map, and they can use the grid below to find you based on your predicted finish time. All of the aid stations (except #13) are easy to get to and have nearby parking.

  Time of Day for Expected Finish Times
Station Distance Location 3:00 3:15 3:30 3:45 4:00 5:00 5:15
0 0.0 Start 7:00 AM 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00
1 2.6 Road to Upper Canada Village 7:11 AM 7:12 7:12 7:13 7:14 7:18 7:19
2 5.3 Ault Island Road 7:22 AM 7:24 7:26 7:28 7:30 7:37 7:39
3 8.0 Bird Sanctuary 7:34 AM 7:36 7:39 7:42 7:45 7:56 7:59
4 11.5 Farran Park 7:49 AM 7:53 7:57 8:01 8:05 8:21 8:25
5 13.7 Long Sault Parkway (Ingleside) 7:58 AM 8:03 8:08 8:13 8:17 8:37 8:42
6 17.7 Long Sault Parkway (Hoople Island) 8:15 AM 8:21 8:28 8:34 8:40 9:05 9:12
7 21.1 Long Sault Parkway (Halfway mark) 8:30 AM 8:37 8:45 8:52 9:00 9:30 9:37
8 23.5 Long Sault Parkway (Long Sault) 8:40 AM 8:48 8:56 9:05 9:13 9:47 9:55
9 27.3 Lost Villages 8:56 AM 9:06 9:15 9:25 9:35 10:14 10:23
10 29.8 Guindon Park (Floral Drive) 9:07 AM 9:17 9:28 9:38 9:49 10:31 10:42
11 32.2 Vincent Massey @ Power Dam Drive 9:17 AM 9:28 9:40 9:51 10:03 10:48 11:00
12 34.7 Power Dam Parking Lot 9:28 AM 9:40 9:52 10:05 10:17 11:06 11:19
13 37.3 Cornwall Canal 9:39 AM 9:52 10:05 10:18 10:32 11:25 11:38
14 39.2 Rotary Lane 9:47 AM 10:01 10:15 10:29 10:42 11:38 11:52
15 40.5 Civic Complex 9:52 AM 10:07 10:21 10:35 10:50 11:47 12:02
16 42.2 Finish 10:00 AM 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 12:00 12:15

More Info

A marathon is a big deal! We want you to have the best possible experience ever. The marathon race coordinator has run this marathon route and can answer any questions you may have about the course, logistics, or anything else. Don't be shy! Email:


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